Online backup is cool


Online backup is great ! Till last week, I was backing up my data on a NAS server.

Indeed, I was quite afraid to store my data copies on a public cloud as I was not sure about data protection. This is my data and I did not want anybody to access my data.

But, last week, I found this best cloud storage list, and I found out most of these providers had also online backup services coming with some huge encryption key.

So, I highly recommend this website, they made some really good reviews of best online backup providers.

best online storage screenshot

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Amazon Machine Image


Amazon Cloud Server helps you to easily install some complex environment without any specific IT knowledge.

amazon cloud server

Amazon Machine Image

When you browse this link,, you can figure out all the potential of having an amazon cloud server running. You can install some random Images and they are ready to run.

More detail about about Amazon Cloud Server right here

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Good virtual machine image depository


First step to start if you want to set up a virtual machine linux, you have to choose a virtual machine software.

Best virtual machine software

Vmware, Virtualbox, Citrix, a lot of good virtual machine player exist. Differences come with prices, functions and scalability.

About the operating system

Each player let you install the OS you want to run on your virtual machine. All you have to do is to get the image of the OS which can be installed on you virtual machine. A good image depository is coming here

Vmware for linux : the best solution

Vmware is a good solution if you want to set up a linux virtual machine. A bit more expensive at first, you will find any functionnalities you need when your system will grow.

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